1985 BMW M635CSi My second BMW 635 was a 1989 635CSI, just like this one. I got a speeding ticket with my son Marcos on our way to a swimming competition in Cincinnati Marcos was competing in. Same beautiful color as this one but with Tan leather interior.

Dream Shark: 1985 BMW M635CSi

The full-rimmed modified round shaped Shuron Nolte’s Rimway Eyeglasses offers a simple classiness that is sure to brighten up your mood. The metallic construction of this pair of eyeglasses make it durable and lightweight. While the non-spring hinges take away your worry of recurrent snapping, the golden and silver hues[…]

Shuron Nolte’s Rimway Eyeglasses – Cable 165 / 44-22 / Gold

Change your look from trendy to professional by wearing the Kiki 011 Eyeglasses. Sporting the modified rectangle shape, non-spring hinge along with the premium quality nose pads, this pair ensures to keep the wearer at ease throughout the day. Made of high quality material, this pair will be an instant[…]

Kiki 011 Eyeglasses – 48-18-135 / Black